Entropia. Entropia.

Entopia is a container of three parallel universes where three girls are living in different circumstances. One of them represents the animalistic side of human nature, one of them is a consumer fulfilled with her own frustrations, and the third one is living in a futuristic room where she has to run to keep the system working. Suddenly a fly flies over the three universes and makes a bug in the system. Because of that bug the three universes start collapsing and the girls are able to move towards each other.”

Graduation film by Flóra Anna Buda made at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME), Hungary, 2019.

World premiered at Berlinale (2019) where it won the Teddy Award. Screened at Annecy, GLAS, Anibar, La Guarimba, Stuttgart, Animateka, Odense, Ottawa, Animafest Zagreb, Animest, Krok, and Primanima, among dozens of film festivals.

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