Frutos Rojos Frutos Rojos

Music video for “Frutos Rojos” by Monterrey, Mexico-based psych rockers Los Mundos.

Directed by Dave Merson Hess, U.S., 2020.

Notes from the filmmaker:

On a recent episode of Cartoonist Kayfabe, they talked about how exciting it is to come across special one-shot color issues of ’80s black and white comics, because the artists always really went for it, feeling like it was their only chance to experiment (due to prohibitive color printing costs). With “Frutos Rojos”, my goal was the make a piece that looked like one of these special issues, in motion. I used ultrasaturated colors, offset by lots of negative space. Another huge influence on the color design itself was Nicole Claveloux. Both her work for Metal Hurlant in the late 70s, and her “Grabote” childrens’ books series. This was 100% drawn on paper, in ink with rapidographs. Color done in TVPaint, compositing in After Effects.

Design, direction and 2d animation: Dave Merson Hess
Producer: Janie Mars
CG animation: Nate Sonenfeld
Additional color: Lindsay Scanlan
Additional visdev research & timing Assistance: Lily Noyes

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