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“Damon Lindelof talks about his childhood love of comic books.”

Directed by Ivan Dixon, Australia, 2020.

Animated produced by Studio Showoff.

Directed by Ivan Dixon
Storyboards by Sean Zwan & Ivan Dixon
Storyboard assistance by Aggelos Papantoniou and Nikhil Markale
Backgrounds Supervision by Greg Bartlett
Background paints by Jac Nguyen, Sean Zwan, Jon Harrison and Ben Hutchings
Character designs by Ivan Dixon
Animation by Charlotte Bird-Weber, Dom Aldis, Leanne Lee, Georgia Kriss, Aaron McDonald, Ivan Dixon, Aggelos Papantoniou, Nikhil Markale & Sean Zwan
Animation coloristsL Scarlet Sykes Hesterman and Colin Bennett
Produced, composited, and edited by Nick Campbell
Music and sound design by Quan Yeomans

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