Mamoon (an Arabic name meaning ‘without fear’) follows the story of a mother and her child whose lives descend into darkness when the moon mysteriously loses its light. As their own light begins to fade, the mother must work out how to save her child using a mysterious red glow.”

Directed by Ben Steer, U.K., 2017, for Blue Zoo’s in-house shorts program.

Nominated for 2018 BAFTA for British Short Animation. Winner of two British Animation Awards, and two Cardiff Animation Festival awards.

Says the director Ben Steer: “I found the brief [to tell an emotional, human story, whilst experimenting with light and projections] really intriguing and felt strongly that light should represent life, just as lack of light should represent death. If a character is dependent on the light then shadows, objects and glass could hinder and distort them. Projectors also only project from one angle, what if multiple projectors were used for multiple characters? This presented a fascinating if challenging set of parameters in which to devise a story.”

Watch the making-of:

Director: Ben Steer
Original Music: Matthew Wilcock for Zelig Sound
Animation: Phil Brooks, Ben Steer
Additional Animation: Ricky Honmong, Sarah Caisley, Simon Taylor, Steve Kimbrey
Compositing: Negar Bagheri, Elaine Thomas
Character Design: Marylou Mao
Rigging: Leo Blackmur
Modelling: Leo Blackmur, Lee Bowditch
Producer: Tom Box

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