Sounds Good Sounds Good

“Boom operator is trying to record the sound of mushrooms.”

Graduation film by Sander Joon, produced at Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonia, 2018. Supervisors were Priit Pärn, Olga Pärn, and Uri Kranot. Film completed during artist residencies in The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark, and BOP Animation Studio in Tallinn.

Screened at over 40 festivals including Annecy, GLAS, Animac, Animafest Zagreb, Cinanima, and Animateka. Winner of best student short at Kaboom (2019) and Stuttgart (2019), and best Nordic-Baltic student film at Fredrikstad (2019).

Description and commentary from filmmaker:

Sounds Good is a semi-experimental short animation which is inspired by the world of sounds. In the center of this visually minimalistic bizarre journey is the boom operator, who is running around with a sound recorder. Parallel to his attempts, we see contemporary art curators who are bored and confused about the film and the environment they’re in. They decide to take it into their own hands and do a performance. The mold and mushrooms in this film connect everything by being the main source for sound effects. They also glue together the absurd storylines and build the tension, which grows exponentially as the sound intensifies and the film progresses. “This film reflects my deep interest in the use of sound in films,” said Sander Joon. “The phase of adding sound to my previous films had been always a daunting task but with Sounds Good I dove into the sound design early in the process and discovered how much you can tell by adding sounds to a still image for example.”

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