“When the dad next-door walks out, five-year-old Toby discovers that parents leave. As the shock hits, the entire room catapults skywards, morphs in mid-air and lands as a different space. The rooms keep pace with Toby’s volatile emotions as home life spirals out of control in the divorce boom of the 1970s and 80s. Forty years on, kaleidoscopic scraps of memory still cling to the walls; and Toby clings to these fragments, trying to piece together the full story.”

Film by Daisy Jacobs, U.K., 2017.

Screened at Ottawa, Annecy, Clermont Ferrand, Uppsalla Int’l Short Film Festival, Anima Mundi, Fantoche, and Odense Int’l Film Festival, among others. Winner of best short film at Edinburgh Int’l Film Festival 2017 and best short animation (first prize) at Rhode Island Int’l Film Festival.

Read about the making of Daisy Jacobs’s earlier film, The Bigger Picture.

Key credits
Directed, written, and animated by Daisy Jacobs
Co-directed by Christopher Wilder
Producer: Elliott Tagg and Geof Morgan
Cinematographer: Max Williams
Production designer: Elo Soode and Lucie Red
Hair and make-up Design: Natasha Lawes
Editor: Vera Simmonds
Composer: Huw Bunford
Sound designer: Jonas Jensen
Vfx/sfx supervisor: Allar Kaaski
Color grader: Max Horton
Motion control technician: Justin Pentecost
Executive producer: Celine Haddad

Cast (principal roles)
Toby: Ben Aldridge
Lance: Paterson Joseph
Dad: Scott Handy
Jan: Christine Kavanagh
Estate agent: Emrhys Cooper
Derek: Benedick Blythe

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