Viaje a pies Viaje a pies

“A night train journey. A wagon full of passengers. An annoying companion in your compartment…What would you be willing to do in order to have a peaceful journey?”

Film by Khris Cembe, Spain, 2015. Produced by Uniko and Alt Content.

Screened at over 70 film festivals including Annecy, Anima Mundi, Anibar, Anim’est, and Animasyros. Winner of best Basque screenplay at Zinebi 57 and best Basque short film at FANT Bilbao Fantastic Int’l Film Festival.

Directed by Khris Cembe
Screenplay: Laura Aguado and Khris Cembe
Executive production: Ivan Miñambres
Production director: Diana Cano
Cinematography: Khris Cembe
Editing: Ivan Miñambres, Laura Aguado
Animation production: Laura Aguado
Animation director: Khris Cembe
Animation: Santi Riscos, Eva Figueróa, Juan P Arroyo, Khris Cembe
3d artist: Jesús Orillán
Character design: Khris Cembe, David Rosel
Background design: Khris Cembe, Júlia Sardà, Hector Zafra
Lighting art: Khris Cembe, Coke Navarro
Additional animation: Lapendeja, Pepe Sanchez, Iván Carmona, Daniel Albaladejo
Clean-up: Leire Olivares, Diógenes Mendonza, Jóelle Carreño, Júlia Batlle
Sound: Iñaki Alonso
Sound post-production: Sonora Estudios
Image post-production: Carlos Alonso, Iñigo Gomez, Ivan Miñambres
BSO | OST: Kim Peratt
Cast: Jordi Brau, Laura Monedero, Xavier Fernandez

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