The Chimney Swift The Chimney Swift

“The famous New Year’s good luck symbol of a little chimney sweeper is turned upside down: In The Chimney Swift, a real British sweeper master describes his everyday routine of forcing young kids to become workers.”

Film by Frédéric Schuld, Germany, 2020.

Director’s statement:

The idea for the film is based on an early childhood memory of a bird falling down my grandparents’ fireplace. It is one of those vague memories that stays. After researching the systematical abuse of the 19th century children chimney sweepers, I connected the dots. Like in my previous film, Carlotta’s Face, I use hand drawn 2d animation with a personal style to be able to create a unique access to a multi-layered story of fate through metaphoric images.

Screened at over 30 film festival including New Chitose, KROK, Anibar, Animest, and Chicago Int’l Film Festival. Awards include best animation (Aesthetica, 2021), audience award (PIAFF Paris Animation Festival, 2021), and jury’s choice award (Thomas Edison Black Maria Film Festival, 2021)

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