“A solitary watchmaker seeks consolation and meaning in his daily routine. Then, one evening, he is offered a very eccentric watch to repair.”

Film by Michael Sewnarain, Netherlands/Belgium, 2015.

Key credits
Direction and story: Michael Sewnarain
Animation: Michael Sewnarain, Paul Schwarz
Backgrounds: Brun Croes, Michael Sewnarain
3D support: Bunk Timmer
Music and sound: Reinhard Vanbergen
Sound design and mix: Bob Kommer Studio’s
Sound design/foley artist: Jeroen Nadorp
Compositing and coloring: Fabrique Fantastique
Compositing: Hanne Geeraert
Compositing/Coloring: Michael Koning
Supported by Netherlands Film Fund, Flanders Audiovisual Fund, ThuisKopie Fund, Mondriaan Fund
Produced by CinéTé Filmproduktie and Epeios Productions

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