“Nuke first, ask questions about basic geography later. #Winning”

A new animated series from the daily comics publication The Nib produced by Augenblick Studios (Superjail, Ugly Americans, Wonder Showzen).

Animation directors: Keith J. Stack, Jeremy Jusay
Layout artists: Andres Mende, Christopher Conforti
Animators: Christian Dobbins, Steven Duffy, Meredith Nolan, JOnathan Seligson, Sean Sullivan
Starring James Adomian, Rachel Butera
Written by: “Nuclear Football” by Jen Sorensen, “Safety First” by Matt Bors, “Mister Gotcha” by Matt Bors, “Hair Piece” by Matt Lubchansky
Story editor: Sarah Mirk
Additional material by Mike Lawrence
Edit/compositing: Ted Wiggin, Taso Mastorakis
Assistant editor: Alex Gilbeaux
Sound mix: HB Abels
Animation by Augenblick Studios

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