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At a flea market in Paris, I discovered this irresistibly awful set of dead-stock pins featuring Walter Lantz characters. Some of the vintage pins feature the studio’s stars (Woody Woodpecker, Andy Panda, Chilly Willy), but there are also some quite obscure characters who must have been more popular at one time (Homer Pigeon anyone?). The hand-painting makes these pins unique, and in some cases, nearly unidentifiable, such as Space Mouse whose space suit and body are painted as a single solid color. So, if any Walter Lantz fans—does such a thing exist?–find themselves at a Paris flea market, keep your eyes open for these.

Woody Woodpecker
Andy Panda
Chilly Willy
Gabby Gator
Homer Pigeon
Space Mouse
Cuddles from Dig That Dog

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