Cartoon Culture

Cartoon Dump takes Manhattan…


…or Manhattan takes a Cartoon Dump! One of those things.

We’re going LIVE In New York next Tuesday! Our twisted take on the children’s shows of yesteryear and my worst cartoons ever will make their first east coast appearance, with Frank Conniff (MST3k), Erica Doering, Kathleen Roll and special guest comedian Mike Dobbins. And me.

Tuesday 1/8 @ 8pm &#149 Comix 353 W. 14th St. (Just east of 9th Ave.) NY, NY 10014

Order Advance Tickets HERE or call the box office (212) 524-2500. Use our discount code for an extra $5.00 off!! Discount Code: DUMP9 (That makes advance tix just 5 bucks!)

“It’s like a children’s show, but in Bosnia!” – Patton Oswalt.

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