It’s been a while since we’ve had a new print magazine about animation in the United States, but this month, a glossy new animation quarterly launched in Los Angeles.

It’s called Keyframe, and it’s a publication geared towards the 4,000 plus-strong members of the Los Angeles animation union, The Animation Guild, IATSE Local 839.

As the editor’s letter makes clear, The Animation Guild (TAG) is a little late to the magazine game. The unions that represent Hollywood directors, writers, art directors, film editors, sound engineers, make-up artists, and costume designers each have had their own publications for years – and most of those organizations have far fewer members than TAG.

Still, late is better than never, and the first issue shows promise, with a variety of union member profiles and pieces meant to inform industry members, such as a look at what technical directors do in an animation production, pitching tips from show creators, and the challenges faced by couples who work together in the industry.

To read an online version of the first issue, go here. Guild members receive a free print copy of the magazine, but non-Guild members may subscribe to the print version, too. (Info about subscribing is on page six of the publication.)

The cover of the first issue of “Keyframe.”

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