The second season of CB Fest comes to a conclusion today with the online premiere of an audience favorite at many film festivals – Timber (Switzerland, 2014) – a short film that is as macabre as it is adorable.

Timber tackles a simple question: We all know that a log campfire is a great way to stay warm, but what happens when the subjects trying to stay warm are logs themselves?

Director Nils Hedinger juxtaposes a lighthearted 2d cartoon style with dark themes. His mission, he tells Cartoon Brew, was to make a film that was entertaining and funny, but his story also incorporates sharp social commentary on how people treat – and mistreat – each other during times of crisis.

Timber’s premiere is co-presented with our partners at Short of the Week. For additional insights on Hedinger’s work, check out their write-up at

Discover more of Hedinger’s portfolio on his website, and help spread independent animation by sharing Timber on Vimeo, Youtube, and Facebook.

Timber Visual Making-Of Essay
Danny Paez

Danny Paez

Danny Paez is a New York-based writer studying journalism and political science at New York University. He has been a contributing writer for CNBC and Milk Studios and hopes to one day become a foreign correspondent.

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