Rok Predin’s Back in the Day is a nostalgic ode to childhood based on his memories of growing up in 1980s Slovenia. The project was funded by Predin’s employer, London-based Trunk Animation, who allowed him two months of studio time to work exclusively on the film.

“It was wonderful to just dive into this project with no constraints and expectations and just enjoy exploring and playing with the software,” said Predin. “As the animatic had already set the rhythm, flow and pace for the film, the two months I had were spent like a painter enjoying the creative process, and like a ‘one man band’ I loved exploring all the various aspects of the films production, from modelling to compositing and editing the final shots together.”

The making-of video below shows Predin’s shot breakdowns, which required up to eight passes for a single shot. To achieve the quirky movement of his characters, Predin ignored standard rigging and instead coded custom slider-driven puppet controls for the characters using Cinema 4D’s Xpresso language.

Film: Rok Predin
Producer: Richard Barnett
Music: Ivan Arnold
Guitars and bass: Zvonimir Domazet
Sound : @Fonic
Foley editor: Christopher Swaine
Sound editor: Marty O’Brien
Mixed by: Jim Finch

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