<i>My World And Welcome To It</i> <i>My World And Welcome To It</i>

My World And Welcome To It

Here’s the opening credits to a long gone (but not forgotten) TV series, My World And Welcome To It (1969):

What an odd show this was. It combined the writings and drawings of James Thurber with the conventions of a late 1960s sitcom. It also featured regular doses of animation (usually adapting Thurbers black & white ink line drawings) by DePatie-Freleng. I recall there was a controversy over using a laugh track on this show. The series was a bit laid back in some respects, and Thurber’s witty parables were possibly over the heads of much of its viewing audience. Despite winning two Emmys (Best Comedy Show and Leading Actor, William Windom) it was cancelled after one season. A DVD release of the complete series would be quite enlightening. I’d love to see it again.

In the meantime, here’s one of the show’s animation segments on You Tube.

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