Here are six good and rare animation-related clips I discovered on Critical Past, a stock footage house that specializes in films from US government agencies.

Walt Disney testimony

Not Walt Disney’s finest moment: his 1947 testimony in front of the House Un-American Activities committee HERE and HERE.

A Few Quick Facts: Japan

Japan, earthquakes and animation from 1945: “A Few Quick Facts: Japan” was produced by UPA for the Army-Navy Screen Magazine.

Fred Moore

Animator Fred Moore working at his desk (or at least pretending to work). Over one minute of Freddie footage from 1943. Does any other footage of Moore animating exist?

Joseph Boondock

A clip from a 1958 military film produced by New York studio Film Graphics Inc, which was co-owned by Lee Blair (Mary Blair’s husband).


Footage of animators working in the FMPU (First Motion Picture Unit), plus a clip from a FMPU training film. I see Joe Smith and Gus Arriola in this clip, as well as the back of Rudy Larriva and Jules Engel’s heads (I think).

Disorientation Crashes

Disorientation Crashes, a handsome UPA short produced for the US Navy’s “Flight Safety” series. Most likely designed by Bill Hurtz and animated by Bobe Cannon and Willis Pyle.

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