I don’t believe I’d ever seen the Oscar-nominated Further Adventures of Uncle Sam (1970) until today. It’s a fascinating time-capsule of the era – post Yellow Submarine, pre-Fritz The Cat and very much of the underground comix zeitgeist of the time. Directed by Dale Case and Robert Mitchell, and produced by The Haboush Company of Hollywood, during a time of general malaise in the animation industry – when some of the young guns (Murakami-Wolf) and old timers (Stephen Bosustow) decided to self-produce personal films of social commentary.

Note: This film is listed everywhere as The Further Adventures of Uncle Sam Part 2, though “Part 2” does not appear on-screen as part of the title. If anyone knows why this is – or if there is a “Part 1” somewhere – let us know.

(Thanks, Charles Brubaker, via Best Animated Short)

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