Woody Woodpecker DVD: Bonus Materials


Universal Studios’ Woody Woodpecker & Friends Classic Cartoon Collection DVD is now available to pre-order on Amazon – where it’s a steal at $27.99.

In addition to the 75 restored, uncut cartoons, there will be several juicy bonus materials, including:

&#149 Walter, Woody and the World of Animation a nice little 1975 documentary featuring Walter and his wife Gracie, discussing their careers in animation, filled with great clips.

&#149 Cartoonland Mysteries – a rare 1936 Lowell Thomas “Going Places” short subject showing step by step how the Lantz studio makes an animated short – in this case an Oswald Rabbit cartoon, Soft Ball Game. Restored from the original neg.

&#149 Behind-the-Scenes with Walter Lantz – six of the great Lantz segments from the 1957 Woody Woodpecker TV show explaining how they make cartoons – restored, in beautiful Technicolor.
1. The Origin of Woody Woodpecker (from Episode #1)
2. Drawing Woody and Andy (from Episode #5)
3. Creating the Stories (from Episode #6)
4. Animating Woody (from Episode #8)
5. The Development of Woody (from Episode #9)
6. Directing Animated Cartoons (from Episode #10)

&#149 “The Woody Woodpecker Show” Special 1964 Halloween Episode, Spook-A-Nanny – rarely seen, now restored, featuring all the Lantz characters in a strange made-for-TV one shot.