Nicholas Gurewitch’s Perry Bible Fellowship Nicholas Gurewitch’s Perry Bible Fellowship

Nicholas Gurewitch’s Perry Bible Fellowship

Perry Bible Fellowship

If you spend time online, chances are you’ve already run across PERRY BIBLE FELLOWSHIP by Nicholas Gurewitch. The comic is hard to describe, but in my opinion it’s the best “absurd” newspaper comic since Gary Larson’s FAR SIDE and that’s not a comment I make lightly. Unlike the countless Larson imitators who have appeared over the years, Gurewitch has a voice and sensibility distinctly his own. He takes risks with his work and the results are frequently laugh-out-loud funny. I’d actually seen quite a few of his comics before I realized recently that they were all done by the same person. That’s because he works in many different styles ranging from rendered “children’s book”-style art to parodies of other artists (like Bil Keane and Edward Gorey) to his standard ‘white blob’ characters. Gurewitch is currently putting together a compilation of PERRY BIBLE FELLOWSHIP for Dark Horse Comics. Needless to say, I can’t wait for that book. He’s also done a bit of animation before like this stop motion short.

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