How Garfield Got His Groove Back: The ‘Garfield’ Remix Phenomenon

Poor Garfield. In his heyday, he was amongst the most beloved characters on the funny pages, his plush likenesses fastened to car windows and his sarcastic barbs adorning office walls around the globe. Then, somewhere along the line, he underwent a pop-cultural re-evaluation. Jim Davis’ strip is now something of a pariah: just look at how “The Simpsons” paired it with “Love Is” as the kind of strip that Milhouse reads. What a comedown for a character once hip enough to be quoted in “Two Tribes” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. But yet, the orange cat has been saved from cultural oblivion by a peculiar trend: the remixed “Garfield” strip.

Animation Director Stephan Franck Releases Collected Noir Comic ‘Silver’

Animator and director Stephan Franck (“Iron Giant,” “Despicable Me”), who was recently nominated at the Annie Awards for his work on “The Smurfs: The Legend of Smurfy Hollow,” premiered a collected paperback version of his adventure comic Silver at the Emerald City Comic Convention last month.

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