“Annette” by Kevin Kidney

I’ve plugged Anaheim artist/designer Kevin Kidney and his wonderful creations, paper sculptures and blog before. Now I have a special reason.

We share a special fondness for those cool Bill Justice and X. Atencio paper cut-out opening titles for The Mis-Adventures of Merlin Jones (1964, see embed below), and a special affection for Disney icon Annette Funicello. Now Kidney has been able to use his talents to do a tribute to that papercraft animation and, at the same time, do a good deed to help to Annette and others with Multiple Sclerosis.

Kidney has created several versions of Paper Annette, one from the Tommy Kirk masterpiece, another as a hostess at the Golden Horseshoe and a third as a “pineapple princess”. The artwork is now available in endless varieties of coffee mugs, iphone covers, key chains, candy jars and even postage stamps. Every purchase goes to the Annette Funicello Research Fund for Neurological Diseases. Giving to a good cause has never been so much fun.

Click here to see the merch at the Zazzle shop for Annette’s Place store.

Below is a gallery of several of Kevin’s paper-sculpts for Mickey’s Soundsational Parade at Disneyland (click thumbnails to enlarge):

(via Los Angeles Magazine)

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