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Brad Bird’s Next Film Is…

Brad Bird

First, the bad news: It doesn’t look like Brad Bird will be making an animated feature anytime soon.

Now, the good news: Brad Bird is making another film.

Deadline Hollywood reported yesterday that Brad Bird is set to direct a major live-action tentpole for Disney from a script by Damon Lindelof, who co-created and exec produced the TV series Lost. Lindelof is co-writing the script–titled 1952 (work-in-progress)–with Jeff Jensen. No other details have been revealed about the project at this time. The film shouldn’t be confused with Bird’s long-in-development personal live-action project, 1906, which is about the historic San Francisco earthquake.

Of course, I have to take this opportunity to mention that even though Brad isn’t creating animation, he took the time to write the foreword to an upcoming animation history book.