Disney will produce the eight-episode documentary series Ink & Paint for its upcoming streaming service.

The Ink & Paint series is based on Mindy Johnson’s recent Disney Company-sanctioned history book of the same name. The series is described by Deadline, which first reported the news, as “a Hidden Figures look at a number of women who made many of the Disney animated classics possible with little or no recognition for their work.”

The series is based on Mindy Johnson's new book.
The series is based on Mindy Johnson’s new book.

Sertner Productions is on board as producer for the series, and they are already filming content, including a recent interview with Ruthie Tompson, the 108-year-old Disney veteran who started in animation in 1937 and eventually became supervisor of the Scene Planning department.

“She’s very funny and very spry, and having her come back onto the lot and be able to help us launch this story was extraordinary,” Fernando Hernandez, head of the new Alternative Division at ABC Studios, told Deadline.

Ink & Paint is being prepped for late 2019, as one of the debut offerings of the streaming service.

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