Disney Limited!

I don’t keep up with the world of limited edition animation art – in fact, I’m not sure how large that market is anymore. Chris Jackson of Acme Archives just sent me some information on their latest offerings and I like what I see. My favorite pieces are these two black and white silent era limiteds – the first (above) from Plane Crazy (150 of those) and an Oswald Rabbit from Rival Romeos (pictured below, only 95 of those). I can’t afford them, but they are cool.

Tomorrow, Acme is launching DisneyStudioArt.com, but the site is up and running now. There they are offering original production art from The Jungle Book, Robin Hood, The Little Mermaid and several others. Acme is also producing two extremely limited (only 23 pieces each) hand-painted cels, offered through the new D23 site. One from the 1933 Mickey Mouse short, The Mad Doctor and the vaulted Song of the South. It’s just nice knowing the company is aware of these titles.