Disney promotes Tangled with “double rainbow” viral ad Disney promotes Tangled with “double rainbow” viral ad

Disney promotes Tangled with “double rainbow” viral ad

How is it that a studio that once represented the height of creativity in filmmaking is now clinging onto the tails of tired Internet memes to promote its films? This viral ad for Disney’s Tangled is based on the “double rainbow” meme, and unlike the blammed Up, it’s not a parody.

UPDATE: Videogum offers an imagined dialogue between the Disney marketing execs who came up with this Tangled ad:

Advertising Executive 1: So let me get this straight, in order to promote Tangled, the new Walt Disney update of the Rapunzel fairy tale, which is already irreverent to the point of being nonsensical, and doesn’t seem like something that would appeal to anyone, even a child with no discernible taste, we’re going to make a parody of a viral video that is not particularly interesting to children since it doesn’t feature anyone falling down or farting, and is actually just three minutes of shaky nature footage with a grown man crying in the background, a video that bears absolutely NO relation in either theme or tone to the movie we are trying to promote?
Advertising Executive 2: Exactly.

(Thanks, Fred Baggins)

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