It’s a Disney World, We Just Live In It

The New York Times published a piece about Disney’s consulting division called the Disney Institute. The aim of the unit is to teach other companies and organizations how to behave more like the Disney corporation, and everybody is partaking in the lessons from United Airlines to the country of South Africa:

Desperate for new ways to connect with consumers, an increasing array of industries and organizations are paying Disney to teach them how to become, well, more like Disney. Revenue from the Disney Institute has doubled over the last three years, according to Disney, powered in part by its aggressive pursuit of new business. Over the last two years alone, 300 school systems across the country have sought its advice. Other clients range from very large entities – Häagen-Dazs International, United Airlines, the country of South Africa – to small ones: three Subway restaurants in Maine, a Michigan hair salon, a Boston youth-counseling center.

(Thanks, Rob Kohr)