Nick Pitera sings <em>Part of Your World</em> Nick Pitera sings <em>Part of Your World</em>

Nick Pitera sings Part of Your World

The Little Mermaid reunion in Burbank last night was a blast. Co-Directors John Musker and Ron Clements (and panelists including Andreas Deja, Reuben Aquino, Mark Henn, Duncan Marjoribanks, moderator Tom Sito, among others) told great stories on how the film got made and the highs and lows of casting, production, test screenings and the ultimate public reaction to the final product. (Asifa-Hollywood recorded the panel on video).

During the Q & A portion, John Musker mentioned seeing a remarkable (and a bit scary) You Tube video of Nick Pitera and his cover of Part Of Your World. Check it out below:

Even more interesting is Pitera’s “duet” of A Whole New World from Musker and Clement’s Aladdin.