Wreck-It Ralph director Rich Moore is conducting a Reddit AMA today and he had a rather pointed answer to the question, “What concerns did you have going into production of the film? Was there anything in particular you were worried about?” Moore’s response: “Dreamworks stealing the idea, slapping it together and getting it out first.”

UPDATE: Rich Moore can’t stop making fun of DreamWorks. In response to the question, “How annoyed are you with everyone calling this a Pixar movie?”, Moore responded, “Hey, it’s better than calling it a Dreamworks movie.” Shortly after that comment, Moore updated his Reddit AMA again saying:

And to all my talented friends and colleagues at Dreamworks, I love you guys. I wish you much success with RISE OF THE GUARDIANS and a happy, healthy relationship with 20th Century Fox.

I’m sure everyone at DreamWorks loves you too, Rich.

(h/t, Jonah)

Amid Amidi

Amid Amidi

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