Next week, the Cinefamily in Los Angeles will present its Animation Breakdown festival. Comprised of nineteen events over six days, the festival offers a formidable line-up of programming, with nearly every event sounding like a must-attend.

Highlights: Simpsons director David Silverman will screen and do frame-by-frame analysis of his classic animation favorites; The LEGO Movie co-director Phil Lord curates a screening of Looney Tunes shorts; Suzan Pitt will present a retrospective of her one-of-a-kind short films; Christy Karacas will talk Superjail!; and 90-year-old Schoolhouse Rock! lyricist and composer Bob Dorough will perform live.

"Joy Street" Suzan Pitt.
“Joy Street” by Suzan Pitt.

Festival programmers Hadrian Belove, Jeanette Bonds, Alex McDonald, Kevin Sukho Lee, and Johnny Woods have done an excellent job of weaving together classic and contemporary animation. The highlight amongst the classic screenings might be the 35mm screening of Marcell Jankovic’s early-Eighties masterpiece Son of the White Mare (Fehérlófia). New animated features and documentaries are well represented with The Boy and the World (O Menino e o Mundo), Seth’s Dominion, and the Ghilbi documentary The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness.

Other screeings will focus on Fox’s ADHD shorts and shortform work produced for Newgrounds, as well as four programs of contemporary shorts presented as part of Animation Breakdown’s Roundup! series:

Animation Breakdown 2014 will take place November 20-25th. Most tickets are $12 (or free for Cinefamily members). More info and ticket presales at the Cinefamily website.

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