Cartoons at the Academy

I previously posted about the Academy’s upcoming Monday night series of 1939 Oscar nominees (May 18th through August 3rd). With each film the Academy will screen a short subject and a Buck Rogers serial chapter. Here’s the cartoons that will run with each feature:

Stagecoach – June 1 – THE FILM FAN (Porky Pig)
Wuthering Heights – June 8 – THE POINTER (nominee) (Mickey & Pluto)
Gunga Din – June 12 – MUGS WITH DIRTY THUGS (Tex Avery)
Dark Victory – June 15 – DANGEROUS DAN MCFOO (Tex Avery)
Love Affair – June 22 – DETOURING AMERICA (nominee) (Tex Avery)
Goodbye Mr. Chips – June 29 – PEACE ON EARTH (nominee) (MGM)
Ninotchka – July 13 – THE AUTOGRAPH HOUND (Donald Duck)
Mr. Smith Goes To Washington – July 20 – SCRAPPY’S ADDED ATTRACTION (Columbia)
The Wizard Of Oz August 3 – THE UGLY DUCKLING – (Oscar winner) (Silly Symphony)

For Of Mice and Men (July 27th) they are running an Our Gang live-action short Dog Daze instead of a cartoon short. Gone with the Wind (May 18th) will have no cartoon due to length of feature.

The series ticket is $25. for all ten films (averages out to $2.50 per screening). For more information on this series check the Academy website.