CEE Animation Forum 2023 CEE Animation Forum 2023

CEE Animation Forum, Eastern Europe’s leading regional pitching, financing, and co-production event, has revealed this year’s project pitching lineup. CEE 2023 will run November 8-9 in Pilsen, Czech Republic.

CEE Animation is a regional get-together for the promotion and development of animation from artists in more than 20 countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The annual event, now heading into its 11th edition, seeks to increase professional opportunities, showcase the abilities of filmmakers and producers, and improve the quality of content created and produced in the region.

In addition to its traditional industry activities, this year’s edition will host the launch of a new platform called the Market, developed to provide visibility to animated projects at any stage and to facilitate one-on-one meetings between professionals.

CEE Animation Forum’s 2023 project lineup features 28 titles that demonstrate the incredible commercial growth of the region’s animation industry. The combined budget of this year’s projects is an all-time CEE high of €29 million ($31.7 million). The region’s production scene is also growing more diverse, and this year’s lineup features kids, teen, young adult, and adult animation in almost equal proportions.

Marta Jallageas, managing director of CEE Animation Forum, said of this year’s event: “Every year, we witness a growing number of ambitious and high-quality projects being submitted to our event. We recognize the importance of helping them gain visibility and capture the interest of decision-makers. That’s why we made the strategic decision to introduce the Market as a new feature. The objective is to create a dedicated showcase for animated projects that are still seeking partners – regardless of the stage.”

2023 CEE Animation Forum Projects Lineup


  • Howl, Producer – Anna Mroczek, Director – Anna Jasińska – Koronkiewicz
  • Moss, Producer – Jordi B. Oliva, Director – Judith Colell (Spain)
  • MouMoush – The King of Plastic, Producer – Radmila Roczkov, Director – Milorad Krstic (Hungary)
  • Nine Lives Left, Producer – Maria Kontogianni, Director Zacharias Mavroeidis (Greece)
  • Riamise, Producer – Federico Turani, Director – Francesco Forti (Italy)


  • Be still my heart, Producer – Bella Szederkényi, Director – Melinda Kádár (Hungary)
  • Displaced Garden, Producer – Yuliya Serdyukova, Director – Kateryna Voznutsya (Ukraine)
  • Last Minute, Joanna Kozuch (Slovakia)
  • Nightbloom, Producer – Vanja Andrijević, Director – Kata Gugić (Croatia)
  • Period Drama, Producer – Jakub Rálek, Director – Michaela Mihalyi (Czech Republic)
  • The Heaviness of Absence, Producer – Karsten Matern, Director – Jalal Maghout (Germany)
  • The New Suburb, Producer – Edina Csüllög, Director – Francesco Rosso (Estonia)
  • Toxik, Bárány Dániel (Hungary)
  • Wrestlers, Producer – Kimmo Sillanmikko, Director – Joni Männistö (Finland)
  • You Are My Light, Producer – Zuzana Kučerová, Director – Hana Stehlikova (Czech Republic)


  • Dolls, Producer – Stéphanie Launay, Director – Joachim Hérissé (France)
  • Faulas, Producer – Nicola Contini, Director, Michela Anedda (Italy)
  • Magic Molly, Maria Pavlou (Cyprus)
  • My Little Heroes, Producer – Ivan Agenjo, Director – Cristina Broquetas (Spain)
  • Rainy Days, Ani Antonova Hristova (Austria)
  • The Treflix: Cristmas Special, Producer – Kazimierz Wierzbicki, Director – Piotr Ficner (Poland)


  • Autopilot, Patricie Švadlenková (Czech Republic)
  • Daisy, Dorota Kaustová (Czech Republic)
  • Eruption, Zoé Nagy (Hungary)
  • It is (not) Yours, Santiago Ordoñez (Estonia)
  • My Grandmother is a Skydiver, Polina Piddubna (Ukraine, Germany)
  • Stuck in a Wasp Nest, Agnes Milla Bereczki (Estonia)
  • The Way Out, Dániel Diószeghy (Hungary)

Pictured at top: Period Drama, Wrestlers, Moss

Jamie Lang

Jamie Lang

Jamie Lang is the Editor-in-Chief of Cartoon Brew.

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