Film Noir Cartoons at the Academy

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills California is running a summer series of Oscar Noir, classic film noir features from the 1940s, each Monday night beginning May 10th. Each film will screen with a chapter of Republic’s epic Adventures of Captain Marvel serial (a brand new, restored 35mm print) and a “film noir” cartoon.

I was asked to help program the cartoons to be shown – and I came up with a slew of suggestions. My recommendations included HOW TO BE A DETECTIVE (Disney — w/Goofy), SHOWDOWN (Fleischer Studios – w/Superman), THE SUPER SNOOPER (Warner Bros. — w/Daffy Duck), DUCK PIMPLES (Disney — w/Doanld Duck), WHO KILLED WHO? (MGM/Tex Avery), ROOTY TOOT TOOT (UPA), BOSTON QUACKIE (Warner Bros. — w/Daffy Duck), DONALD’S CRIME (Disney — w/Donald Duck), THE CUCKOO CLOCK (MGM/Tex Avery), THE GREAT PIGGY BANK ROBBERY (Warner Bros. — w/Daffy Duck), MOTHER HUBBA HUBBA HUBBARD (Columbia/Sony), BAD LUCK BLACKIE (Tex Avery), THE LAST HUNGRY CAT (Warner Bros. — w/Tweety & Sylvester) and GOLDEN YEGGS (Warner Bros. — w/Daffy Duck).

I also strongly suggested they show Columbia’s FLORA with Otto Preminger’s Laura – and the only non-film noir cartoon I picked was the UPA/Mr. Magoo TROUBLE INDEMNITY which I urged they show with Billy Wilder’s Double Indemnity.

As for the features themselves, and other information on this series, visit for details. The series pass is only $30. – Highly recommended!