If you don’t see me somewhere me in October, you aren’t looking hard enough. I have an insane schedule of screenings, shows and public appearances (mainly in Southern California) coming up this month – here’s a pocket checklist of the ones I can think of off the top of my head:

October 4th Janet Klein – Yes, I still do this once a month. I haven’t plugged these in a long time because I haven’t had to – the shows regularly attract full houses. But for the record, the first Thursday of each month I open this program of live, late twenties/early 30s jazz music performed by Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys with a selection of classic short films and cartoons projected on 16mm film. It’s a blast. 8pm at the Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood. Ticket info here.

October 7th Margaret Kerry – Next Sunday at 3pm I’ll be appearing at the Walt Disney’s Barn in Griffith Park to interview in person Margaret Kerry – she who was the original model for Tinkerbell, provided the live action lips for Clutch Cargo, Space Angel and Captain Fathom, and appeared in movies and TV with The Lone Ranger, The Three Stooges, Andy Griffith, Eddie Cantor and Our Gang. I can’t wait! This is part of the Once Upon A Classic Disney Collectors Club, but I think it’s open to the general public. Come!

October 19th LACMA – I’m curating and introducing a screening of surreal animated films at the Los Angeles Musum of Art on Wilshire Blvd. The program, Animating The Subconcious, is still being firmed up, but so far we can confirm 35mm prints of Disney’s Destino and Lullaby Land, Fleischer’s Snow White, Chuck Jones’ Duck Amuck and Emile Cohl’s Fantasmagorie. Tickets on sale now for this unique 7:30pm show. More info to come at LACMA’s website.

October 20th The San Diego Comic Fest – I’ll be heading down to this old fashioned Comic Book convention brought to you by some of the same folks who produced the original San Diego Comic-Con back in the ’70s. I’ll be presenting a tribute to Daffy Duck sometime on Saturday afternoon. The con is so small, it is limited to 1000 attendees, so get a ticket now. San Diego Comic Fest website for more details.

October 21st Classic Cartoons on TCM – The BIG night! Yours truly Jerry Beck will co-host with TCM’s Robert Osborne this unique program block – six hours total – which will include restored UPA cartoons, Max Fleischer’s two feature length films, a selection of silent era cartoons from the collection of Thomas Stathes and Lotte Reiniger’s 1926 masterpiece, The Adventures of Prince Achmed. Starts at 8pm on the East Coast – 5pm on the West Coast. Complete TCM Schedule here.

October 22 – Cartoon Dump – Frank Conniff has announced his plans to move back to New York to write and perform on camera for John Fugelsang’s new show on Current TV. Will this be Frank’s last appearance at Cartoon Dump in LA? Come to the show and find out. One thing’s for certain – it’s going to be one one of the wildest live comedy events of the year – and yeah, we’ll be showing Mighty Mr. Titan and a bunch of crappy cartoons, too. 8pm at the Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood.

October 26-28 – Platform International Animation Festival – The REDCAT theatre in downtown LA will be hosting this incredible three-day animation festival. Programming will include a Best of Annecy shorts program, an archival screening of films by stop-motion pioneer Ladislas Starewitch; a special advance presentation of Walt Disney Studios new short film Paperman, a special screening from PES and a very special guest (to be announced). I will also be moderating a panel or two to be announced. More info to come… check the Platform Festival website.

October 29 – Halloween Spooktacular – I’m renewing my membership at The Cinefamily (aka The Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax Ave in Hollywood), and starting things off my annual Halloween cartoon show featuring 16mm and 35mm prints of classic Hollywood cartoons with a spooky/scary/Halloween theme. Yes, I promise at least one Technicolor Casper The Friendly Ghost cartoon in 35mm with all its original titles… that oughta scare you… but beyond that… More info here.

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