Pixar Concerts Are Happening All Over the World

There won’t be a new Pixar film until 2015, but at least you can listen to songs from their earlier films. Pixar in Concert is a newish symphony event that presents live philharmonic orchestrations from the scores of Pixar movies.

After premiering in Taiwan earlier this year and touring the rounds of US cities like Boston, Houston and San Diego, as well as Puerto Rico and Mexico City, Pixar in Concert will reach even further abroad next year. Performances on the 2014 calendar already include London, Sydney, and Paris, as well as more US dates in New York, Cincinnati and St. Louis, among other cities.

The symphony show features selections from the scores of all thirteen Pixar features from Toy Story through Brave, and is synchronized with digitally projected HD scenes from the films. The complete performance schedule for Pixar in Concert can be viewed on the Pixar website.

Here’s a recording an attendee made of the Up portion of the show: