"Yearbook" directed by Bernardo Britto.
“Yearbook” directed by Bernardo Britto.

The Sundance Film Festival announced that they will launch a touring animation short program, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Launching at Los Angeles’ Sundance Sunset Cinemas on September 26, the program will be comprised of the following eight shorts:

  • Belly directed by Julia Pott
  • It’s Such A Beautiful Day directed by Don Hertzfeldt
  • Marilyn Myller directed by Mikey Please
  • The Obvious Child directed by Stephen Irwin
  • Oh Willy… directed by Marc James Roels and Emma De Swaef
  • Subconscious Password directed by Chris Landreth
  • Voice on the Line directed by Kelly Sears
  • Yearbook directed by Bernardo Britto

Their inaugural line-up is safe but solid, with known filmmakers and festival favorites making up the bulk of the program. Most touring animation programs try to pack in as many films as possible by selecting work with short running times, but Sundance ignored the conventional wisdom by programming the 17-minute Oh Willy… and a 23-minute effort by Don Hertzfeldt. It’ll be worth watching to see how this tactic works out for them.

Sundance started a touring program of live-action shorts in 2011, which expanded last year to nearly 60 theaters across 28 states. They intend to reach a similarly wide audience with the animation program.

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