This Tuesday in LA: I Am 8-Bit

I Am 8-Bit

I Am 8-Bit, the yearly artistic celebration of retro-video games, returns tomorrow night, April 17, to Gallery 1988 (7020 Melrose Ave, LA, CA). This year’s lineup, curated as always by Jon Gibson, features over 100 artists. Tomorrow night’s opening party, from 7-11 pm, will also include music performances by 8 Bit Weapon and ComputeHer, a giant playable 5-1/2 foot Atari controller, and an installation designed by Tony Mora that’ll be projected inside and outside of the gallery. The installation is comprised of videogame sprite animation, including Super Mario Bros., Mega Man and Metroid, ripped directly from each of the games, frame-by-frame, and assembled in Flash.

Below are a few of the pieces on display this year. The artists are: (top to bottom) Joe Vaux, Michelle Valigura, Dave Wasson, Johnny Yanok, Amy Sol, Jon Burgerman, Carlos Ramos and Ryan Heshka.

I Am 8-Bit

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