Zap! Pow! Bam!

If you are in L.A. or plan to visit between now and August 9th, check out the incredible super hero exhibit at the Skirball Cultural Center, Zap! Pow! Bam! The Superhero: The Golden Age of Comic Books 1938-1950.

It’s an incredible exhibition of golden age original art, character merchandise and rare comic books in a fantastic museum installation. There is also a companion exhibit, Lights! Camera! Action! Comic Book Heroes of Film and Television which focuses on live action and animated super heroes, including material from Popeye, Flash Gordon and Dick Tracy. This portion of the exhibit features original movie posters, movie costumes (Superman and Batman) and the Bat Cycle (from the 1966 TV series). Comic book legend Jerry Robinson (Batman) will give a Curator’s Talk on Thursday night (March 5th, moderated by Mark Evanier) at 8pm. Highly recommended – for more information check the Skirball Center website.

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