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Legendary Entertainment has revealed key details regarding an upcoming live-action/animation hybrid feature titled Animal Friends, which will feature vfx and animation work done by DNEG.

An obvious takeaway here is the film’s impressive cast, but we’re more focused on the fact that another big Hollywood feature has turned to DNEG for its vfx and animation services. DNEG’s involvement will be vital, as the company looks to be the major contributor in terms of animation experience.

Film details:

  • Emmy-winner Peter Tencio (The Machine) will direct Animal Friends from a screenplay by Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider, who have worked together frequently in the past, including on the animated series Gentlemen Lobsters. According to Deadline, which broke the story, the idea for the film came from a meeting between Burrows, Mider, and Patrick Gooing, an executive at Maximum Effort.
  • Legendary will produce the feature with Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort and DNEG CEO Namit Malhotra’s Prime Focus Studios. DNEG will handle visual effects and animation.
  • Legendary is keeping plot details under wraps, but the film is described as an R-rated road trip adventure.
  • The film features a high profile voice cast including Ryan Reynolds, Jason Momoa, Vince Vaughn, and Aubrey Plaza.
  • Legendary announced the Animal Friends details on the same day that it was revealed the company had secured an $800 million line of credit from J.P. Morgan to be used for producing films and series.

Cartoon Brew’s View: As adult animation continues to be a point of emphasis for many broadcasters and streamers, we may also be seeing an influx of hybrid comedy films aimed at the same audience. While most plot details about Animal Friends are still a well-kept secret, the simple logline we do have sounds strikingly similar to that of the upcoming film Strays, starring Will Ferrell, Jamie Foxx, and Isla Fischer, among other big-name stars.

Pictured at top: Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy, Jason Momoa in Aquaman, Vince Vaughn in Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Aubrey Plaza in The White Lotus

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