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If you missed The Bob’s Burgers Movie in theaters, you don’t have to wait long for the movie to appear on streaming. It’ll begin streaming in the U.S. and internationally next month on Hulu, HBO Max, or Disney+/Star+, depending on territory.


  • The Bob’s Burgers Movie will be released on Hulu and HBO Max in the U.S., Star+ in Latin America, and Disney+ under the Star banner in all other territories. It will be available in the U.S. and Canada on July 12; Europe (except Poland), Middle East, and Africa on July 13; and Latin America July 20.
  • Having debuted in theaters on May 27, The Bob’s Burgers Movie’s streaming debut after a six-week theatrical window fits well into the increasingly popular 45-day model adopted by many studios post-pandemic. Whether or not bigger features distributed by Disney will follow suit remains to be seen, and all eyes are on Pixar’s Lightyear, Disney’s biggest animated feature release of the year so far.
  • The Bob’s Burgers Movie has enjoyed a strong theatrical run and positive critical response. Its critical rating score on Rotten Tomatoes sits at 87% with 119 reviews categorized as positive. On Cinemascore, audiences have collectively given the film an A score with 89% responding positively.
  • As conversations swirl about Lightyear’s poor box office returns following its first weekend in theaters – its box office currently sits at $91 million globally – it can be difficult to remain objective in evaluating other films’ relative success in theaters. However, The Bob’s Burgers Movie theatrical run has been impressive for a film and an IP of its size. The film adaptation of the long-running tv series has been in the top five films at the U.S. box office for each week since its release. In total, it has grossed more than $32 million globally, with just over $30 million accumulated in the U.S.
  • Along with the announcement of the film’s streaming debut, 20th Century Studios also dropped a new scene from the film featuring the song “Sunny Side Up Summer,” linked below.

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