At an awards season “tea party” this afternoon for the BAFTAs, Brad Bird revealed his next project to a red carpet interviewer, and it’s not what you’d expect. He’s going to direct a musical.

“I don’t know anything about musicals,” Bird said, “so I figure I should do this because I’m deathly afraid of it and that sounds like a cool thing.”

Bird didn’t reveal any details about the plot, but he says that it’s a project that he’s wanted to make for a long time, and that it will contain about 20 minutes of animation in it.

He also said that it’s an original musical, and that the music will be composed by his longtime collaborator Michael Giacchino, who also composed the music for Bird’s two Incredibles films as well as Ratatouille and Tomorrowland.

Here’s the entire interview:

Photo credit: Pixar.

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