GKIDS released today the first English language teaser for MFKZ, the France/Japanese co-production that it will release as a special two-day theatrical event on October 11 and 16, 2018. Additionally, select theaters will start screening the film on Friday, October 12.

Released internationally last year as Mutafukaz, the film was produced by France’s Ankama (Wakfu, Dofus) and Japan’s Studio 4°C (Batman: Gotham Knight, Tekkonkinkreet, Mind Game). Based on the work of French comic artist Guillaume “Run” Renard, the film is co-directed by Renard and Shoujirou Nishimi.

MFKZ takes place in Dark Meat City (DMC), which Run has described as “a condensed exaggeration of Los Angeles’ varied strengths and weaknesses.” The story follows DMC resident Angelino, a deadbeat who starts experiencing violent migraines and monstrous hallucinations, as well as fits of rage-inspired superpower, after a scooter accident.

The new English dub features the voices of Michael Chiklis (Crocodile), Giancarlo Espositio (Mr. K), Jorge Gutierrez (El Tigre), Dascha Polanco (Luna), RZA (Shakespeare), Vince Staples (Vinz), and Danny Trejo (Bruce).

GKIDS describes it as a sci-fi film that “mixes anime, film noir, lucha libre, and gang culture in an orgy of first-person shooter mayhem” that takes places in an “LA-inspired dystopian metropolis – a burnt-out, gang and cockroach-ridden neo-urban hell that makes Blade Runner’s LA seem like The Brady Bunch.

MFKZ poster.

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