Inspector Sun Inspector Sun

Viva Kids has released the English-language trailer for Inspector Sun and the Curse of the Black Widow, a PG-rated murder mystery comedy from director Julio Soto Gúrpide (Deep). The film will hit U.S. theaters on October 13.

Inspector Sun screened at the Annecy Festival last week, and earlier this year scored a best animated feature nomination at the 37th Spanish Academy Goya Awards.

Film details:

  • Synopsis: Inspired by Agatha Christie-style murder mysteries, Inspector Sun unfolds on a seaplane journey from Shanghai to San Francisco in the 1930s. There, ruined millionaires, black widow spiders, hired killers, and smugglers come together for a noir story in which insects of various species, with spiders at the helm, have created their own unique universe.
  • The screenplay, by Rocco Pucillo, won the prestigious students-only Samuel Goldwyn Award in 2013.
  • Inspector Sun is a co-production between The Thinklab Media and Gordon Box in association with 3 Doubles. It also received funding in the form of an Epic Megagrant.
  • Viva Kids recently picked up a minority share in the Canary Island-based animation studio 3 Doubles Producciones, which could become a majority share after two years. Other 3 Doubles credits include the popular web series Arpo the Robot, and its staff have separately worked on films such as Deep, Netflix’s Animal Crackers, and one of Spain’s biggest animated IPs, Tad the Lost Explorer.
  • International sales rights to Inspector Sun belong to Kapers Animation.

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