Open Road Films launches the Canadian/South Korean co-pro Spark: A Space Tail in 353 theaters today.

Here’s the trailer:

With its limited theater count and low expectations (the film was not screened for critics), Spark: A Space Tail is not currently projected to crack the top ten. The film also faces heavy competition in the family marketplace from Dreamworks Animation’s The Boss Baby, Sony Picture Animation’s Smurfs: The Lost Village, and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Spark is written and directed by Aaron Woodley, who has previously written and directed live-action films (Rhinoceros Eyes) and animated on stop motion projects (Glenn Martin DDS). The film is co-produced by the same team making Nut Job 2: Korean studio Redrover Co. Ltd, Canada’s Toonbox Entertainment, China’s Shanghai Hoongman Technology Co., and Gulfstream Pictures.

Open Road Films, a joint-venture between cinema chains AMC and Regal, is also the distributor of The Nut Job series. The first film in that franchise, released in 2014, remains the distributor’s all-time highest-grossing film with U.S. box office of $64.3 million.

Spark stars the voices of Jace Norman, Jessica Biel, Susan Sarandon, Patrick Stewart, and Hilary Swank. Here’s the synopsis:

Spark (Jace Norman) is a wisecracking teen living on an abandoned planet with his friends Chunk and Vix. Thirteen years ago the power-hungry General Zhong seized control of their planet Bana, wiping out Spark’s family and sending him into hiding. But now they’ve learned of Zhong’s plan to wipe out the entire universe using the deadly space Kraken, and no one but Spark can stop him. An action-packed space odyssey filled with humor and heart, Spark is an epic adventure about becoming the hero you were born to become.

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