The Woody Woodpecker live-action/cg hybrid is almost here — at least if you live in Brazil.

Universal Pictures will unleash Pica-Pau: O Filme into Brazilian theaters on October 5. The full trailer is below:

We’ve discussed this project at some length before: it’s produced by Universal 1440 Entertainment, the production arm of Universal’s home entertainment division, and directed by Alex Zamm, whose last theatrical feature in the United States was the 1998 Carrot Top film Chairman of the Board. (Zamm’s other credits include direct-to-video titles such as Inspector Gadget 2, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, and Jingle All the Way 2.)

Despite being made for Brazilian audiences — the lead actress is Brazilian Thaila Ayala — Pica-Pau was produced in English, and Woody is voiced by Eric Bauza (Stimpy in Ren and Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon, Rodolfo/White Pantera in El Tigre, Belly Bag in Uncle Grandpa). The film, which was shot in Canada’s British Columbia province, will receive theatrical releases in other countries besides Brazil, though it will most likely be sent direct-to-video in the U.S.

Credits for the cg Woody would appear to belong to the Bulgarian cg/vfx shop Cinemotion. In a December 2015 post on their Facebook page, Cinemotion announced their involvement in the film, saying they had won the job after bidding against 26 other cg studios for the project.

Pica-Pau: O Filme. Pica-Pau: O Filme.

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