The general public gets a lot of flak from the animation community for not being able to distinguish between the studios that make mainstream CGI features. But maybe we’ve been expectig too much of audience since it seems that even the celebrity voice actors who work on the actual films don’t know which studios are producing the films.

Speaking on the UK’s The Graham Norton Show, Benedict Cumberbatch appeared to be under the impression that DreamWorks Animation’s upcoming Penguins of Madagascar, in which he voices a wolf named Classified, is produced by Disney. His slip-up happens around the 5:30-mark in the video below when he says, “Well, I’ve had a word with Disney. I need to check that I have said [penguin] correctly in the film.” Sounds like he first better call on Sherlock Holmes to get to the bottom of who made Penguins.

(h/t, Elsa Chang)

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