Already widely lauded for its artistic contributions to short films, cinematics, commercials, and other projects, Polish studio Platige Image is now working on the animated feature film Fatima with Portuguese post production company Imaginew.

Fatima is inspired by Three Secrets of Fatima, a series of apocalyptic visions and prophecies supposedly told to three young Portuguese shepherds. Next year is the 100th anniversary of the visions.

A teaser for the project was made public today:

The film will tell the story of a 12-year-old girl Madalena who has lost her faith but is helped by her brother and the sudden appearance of another boy and girl.

Bartek Kik, who has directed shorts and commercials with Platige since 2007, will direct the film. The screenplay will be written by Philip LaZebnik, a writer on Disney’s Pochahontas and Mulan and Dreamworks’ The Prince of Egypt. Fatima is planned for release in May 2018.

“We want to produce a film that would talk about important values in a subtle and understated manner,” said Jarosław Sawko, executive producer, Platige Image, in a release. “Fatima is an incredible challenge in terms of technology and visuals. There are still very few high quality, family-oriented animated feature films that would approach matters of spirituality in a similar manner.

“Thanks to its striking visuals,” added Sawko, “characters that the viewers can identify with, and a family-friendly narrative, Fatima can make a significant impact in the international animation scene. I believe in our times we simply need a movie like this.”


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