Roger Ebert Finds 3-D Films Annoying Roger Ebert Finds 3-D Films Annoying
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Roger Ebert Finds 3-D Films Annoying


Hurtling 3-D objects at viewers is not a substitute for quality filmmaking as last week’s weak opening of the 3-D animated pic Fly Me to the Moon proved. Roger Ebert takes the issue one step further and posits on his blog that 3-D technology not only doesn’t add anything to the viewing experience but that it actually detracts from the filmgoer’s enjoyment of movies. He writes:

Ask yourself this question: Have you ever watched a 2-D movie and wished it were in 3-D? Remember that boulder rolling behind Indiana Jones in “Raiders of the Lost Ark?” Better in 3-D? No, it would have been worse. Would have been a tragedy. The 3-D process is like a zombie, a vampire, or a 17-year cicada: seemingly dead, but crawling out alive after a lapse of years. We need a wooden stake.

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