TV animation producer Titmouse (Superjail!, Black Dynamite, Turbo FAST, Moonbeam City) announced its first feature film Nerdland at the New York Comic Con this week.

Little is known about the film at this point, but it will almost certainly by R-rated. The website Bleeding Cool reported, “From what was seen, expect a gratuitous amount of violence, sex, nudity, and drugs from the film.”

The voice cast for the film includes actors Paul Rudd and Patton Oswalt, as well as TV show creators Mike Judge (Beavis & Butt-head, King of the Hill), Brendon Small (Metalocalypse), and Jackson Publick (The Venture Bros.), according to a story on Bubble Blabber.

Other details such as who is the director, and whether it will receive a theatrical release, are not immediately known.