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Trailers From Hell: Dirty Duck

Last year Joe Dante (Looney Tunes Back In Action) established a terrific website called Trailers From Hell, featuring audio commentary by several top genre directors (including John Landis, Stuart Gordon, Eli Roth, etc.) over some of their favorite vintage guilty-pleasure horror, fantasy and science fiction film trailers. They’ve tackled animation only once before – Yellow Submarine (with comments by George Hickenlooper) which we linked to here back in April.

Dante produced one other animation trailer for the site, with director Mick Garris (Showtime’s Masters of Horror, HBO’s Tales From The Crypt) commenting on Chuck Swenson’s 1977 X-rated animated feature Dirty Duck (aka “Cheap”). This trailer proved a little to hot for Joe’s domain so he’s graciously allowed Cartoon Brew to exclusively post it. It’s perfect for our readership – Dirty Duck is one of the most overlooked animated features of the 1970s, a glorious experimental mess of a film, which, from today’s vantage point, looks incredibly creative and daring, and something current Hollywood studios would never attempt.

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